Monday, January 22, 2007

CSAC Suspends Another Fighter

According to a source at the IFL Oakland Arena event on January 19th, fighter Joe Martin has been allegedly suspended indefinitely (the rumor is up to six months) by the California State Athletic Commission for unsportsmanlike conduct after losing to Clint Coronel in a fight on the event.

The referee stopped the fight after Coronel punched Martin in the back of the head and Martin attempted to take down Coronel. It was a controversial stoppage. If the suspension of Martin is up to 6 months, it would certainly take him out of competition in the IFL (and also prevent him from working in all MMA-commissioned states during the time period).

Martin’s suspension is the latest in a string of suspensions by Armando Garcia’s CSAC that has MMA insiders shaking their heads. Previous suspensions include Brian Ebersole for doing a cartwheel in his fight against Shannon Ritch last September (he got an ‘indefinite’ suspension) and Josh Thomson for wearing a “Frank Glamrock is my bitch” t-shirt (he got an ‘indefinite’ or six-month suspension from it). Ebersole is not listed on Frank Shamrock’s IFL team for competition in 2007.


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