Monday, January 22, 2007

Gomi in doubt over going to UFC

Those who think that Takanori Gomi is wide-eyed with the possibility of going to the UFC are fooling themselves. According to news on, by way of an forum member that trains with Gomi, the Japanese hero is not too comfortable with the idea of Pride sending him to fight in the United States. Gomi’s fear is that, although he already is a well-known superstar in Japan, in the United States he would have to win over fans, most of whom are not familiar with him.

The fact of the matter is that Gomi still has two fights left on his Pride contract, and he has already made it clear to his friends that he does not wish to go to the United States until he has completed them. Only after that, maybe, and because of the financial crisis Pride is facing for having lost its Fuji TV contract, will Gomi think of taking a shot at new endeavours.


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Brad said...

Gomi would not be that big in america anyways. There will be many many tough new standouts at 155 over the next 2 years due to it not being an issue of how many people are actually alive with skill at that weight unlike the heavyweight division.