Friday, January 26, 2007

Hermes Franca vs Sean Sherk in July

Hermes Franca secured himself a lightweight title shot tonight, both by stopping Spencer Fisher and then pleading his case to UFC president Dana White.

After enduring a terrible 2005 in which he lost each of his three bouts, Franca rebounded to go 7-0 last year. The affable Brazilian began his 2007 march to Sean Sherk’s belt by catapulting looping punches towards the dangerous Fisher.

Though the vast majority missed in the early going, an “Around The World In 80 days” right hand later in the fight would hurt the North Carolinian and place Franca on the cusp of a bout with Sherk.

The lightweights exhibited a solid flurry of ground work during their first interaction on the canvas. A quick return to the feet netted Fisher, 30, a chance to work on Franca’s midsection with a couple digging right hands. But Franca shook the blows off and once more tripped Fisher to the floor, where the 32-year-old Brazilian fired punches from the top.

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