Wednesday, January 31, 2007

KEVIN RANDLEMAN OUT OF THE HOSPITAL reported last week that Kevin "The Monster" Randleman was hospitalized, his body basically shutting down and nearing kidney failure. Fortunately, he made it to the hospital in time to avert what surely would have been disaster.

Randleman's wife, Elizabeth, said that his CPK levels reached a measurement of 68,000. A measurement of 150 is considered normal. What this means is that Randleman's muscles were shutting down and if they hadn't got it under control, his organs would start to follow suit.

Much of the problem stemmed from complications following several surgeries and Randleman's refusal to slow down and let his body fully recover before resuming his normal routine resulting in him having to be on I.V. antibiotics for an extended period of time, which is stressful on the body.

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