Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Loco Raps With Kendall Grove

Ryan Loco: You ready?

Kendall Grove: I was born ready...about 2 months premature.

RL: Yeah, makes sense. Maybe if you were born on time you'd be about 7'2".

KG: Yeah I know.

RL: But still only 190.


RL: Now that you had time to sit back and really think about and really analyze the you think Noah Imhofer made the right choice?

KG: No. When he was telling us the story and stuff, he never told us how long he had been going out with her. And then when we found out he had only been going out with her for like 5 months, we were like, "Bro, this is the opportunity of your life and you're gonna throw it away for a girl who is probably banging your best friend." He's just blackballed ya know, I don't think Dana will ever look at him again, because he just turned his back on an organization that was willing to give him a future.

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