Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Loiseau On Elite XC Debut, GSP-Hughes II, Much More

MMANews.com's own Luis Cruz spoke with top Middleweight contender David "The Crow" Loiseau yesterday evening to discuss his Elite XC debut on February 10th against Joey Villasenor on SHOWTIME, among other subjects. Below is a complete transcript of the interview.

Luis Cruz for MMANews.com: This is Luis Cruz at MMANews.com joined by former UFC Middleweight contender and one of the top Middleweights in all of MMA, David Loiseau. David, what's up man?

David Loiseau: What's up my man, how are you?

MMANews.com: I'm doing good, and yourself?

David Loiseau: Very good, thank you.

MMANews.com: First thing I want to ask you because not too many have heard from you since your fight at UFC 63. What have you been up to?

David Loiseau: Just training [laughs]. Improving my game. That's all, just making sure I'm improving. I'm out here in San Diego, I'm training with Brandon Vera and it's going well. I'm happy.

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