Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lyoto all set for UFC debut

After a long interview with a French magazine, Lyoto Machida gets up from the couch in the Black House reception, in Rio de Janeiro, and puts his hand on his neck. “Try to put a hot water bag there whenever you can”, remembers Carlão Barreto, technical director of Joinha Guimarães' team. During training the previous day, in the octagon of Rogerão Camões' gym, Lyoto spent a good deal of time simulating a fight where he was pressed against the cage standing, which caused the slight discomfort he felt in his neck.

Before traveling to Belém, where he will finish his stand up training and discuss the strategy for his UFC debut, set for the February 3rd, with his brother Shinzo. The karateka who is undefeated in eight fights spoke with about his opponent, Sam Hoger, the “Alaskan Assassin” (6w, 2l):

“I saw some of his fights, he is a complete fighter, but at the same time I don’t see him as being especially strong in any one aspect. Besides my stand up, I have tuned up my wrestling, and I am training hard to put on a good show and win, which would be even better if it were by knockout,” said the 93kg man from Pará smiling.


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