Sunday, January 28, 2007


When the Quad Cities Silverbacks attempt to take their first step towards defending their two-time IFL Championship on February 2nd in Houston, Texas, they will be without one of the team’s most exciting and dependable fighters, Rory Markham.

Markham, who is 4-1 in the IFL, explained his absence from the card to MMAWeekly shortly after having laser eye surgery to fix his injury.

“What I had in my eye is what they call a 3% retinal hole,” said Rory. “[They call it 3%] because that’s how big the hole was. It’s impact induced, so it’s from getting hit in the eye over the course of the last couple of months.”

According to Markham, if he had not found out about the injury when he did, it could have lead to a potentially devastating prognosis.

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