Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Note From Jon Fitch

From: Jon Fitch's Myspace Bulletin

If you missed my last bulletin I am fighting at UFC 68 on March 3rd in Columbus Ohio. I have a little bad news that I recieved today, I will not be a main event. I will be a PRELIM once again for some reason unknown to me. I am very dissapointed about this as you can imagine. If you dont know what a prelim is, it is one of the fights that is not on the live PPV brodcast. It is pre-taped and only shown after all the live fights, if and only if there is enough time to air it. So unfortunately there is a very good chance that you will NOT see my fight on the PPV. So if you can, I encourage you to try and come to the live event and see me fight in person. You can also all write to the UFC and express how dissapointed you are that you will not get to see me give someone a beatdown live on the PPV.


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