Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pavlik Stops Zertuche!

Middleweight Kelly Pavlik looked very impressive tonight as he knocked out the previously unstopped Jose Zertuche in eight rounds at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The entire fight had good action but during the first three rounds it was much more back and forth. Rounds four through eight saw Pavlik dishing out much more than he took as he was able to use his height and reach advantage to keep Zertuche at bay. The 6′2″ lanky Pavlik connected with solid blows whenever he had room to punch but early in the bout Zertuche managed to get inside on Pavlik and landed his share of blows.

In the main event, Jorge Arce scored a unanimous decision win over Julio Ler in a terrible fight. It was a disgraceful performace by Ler as he came in with no intention of trying to win. He ran throughout the bout and whenever Arce caught him on the ropes, Ler would curl into a defensive ball until he found and opening to get out and run some more. Official scores were 117-109 and 117-110 twice. Fight Report had it 120-108.

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