Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pequeno affirms UFC invitation

The Shooto king, Alexandre Pequeno is pretty anxious waiting for his first son birth, who will be called Kayque Segatelli Nogueira, “My son is taking too much time to get out of my wife, he was supposed to be born on January 15th, but nothing happened yet”, told the former champion of Shooto, who is still training to complete his last bout of his contract with K-1.

“I am keeping doing my rhythm and I am feeling myself really well after the surgery on my knee, I want a complete 2007 with victories”. The guillotine king told us that he was already searched by the organization of the American event UFC. “They are opening now the category until 65kg. And my contract with the K-1 organization allows me to fight out of so I am interested in another proposal”, said the champion.


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