Monday, January 29, 2007

Q&A With Trevor Garrett

On February 9th, Trevor Garrett stands in Robbie Lawler's path to reclaim the Icon Sport Middleweight title. While a win over Lawler won't guarantee Garrett a title shot, Garrett will surely fly up the ranks if he defeats the former champion. How do you think you match up with Robbie Lawler style-wise?

Trevor Garrett: I think we match up great, we are both very expolsive and heavy handed. There are already plans for Lawler to fight Trigg for the title in April if he wins this fight. How do you feel going into this as an underdog?

TG: I'm used to it, I'm not saying I'm not good, it's just I have fought many well known fighters. I can pull off some upsets.

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UPDATE: Another interview with Trevor Garrett is available here.

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