Wednesday, January 24, 2007


According to Elizabeth Randleman, Kevin’s wife, there has been a little misinformation about Kevin’s condition as he currently remains in the hospital. Yes, his condition was very serious, even life threatening, but he hadn’t quite reached the point of kidney failure which was reported yesterday. Kidney failure would have been the next step if he hadn’t gone to the hospital when he did, but he luckily did not reach that point.

Kevin’s body has been under severe strain over the past year due to several surgeries and Kevin’s desire to continue fighting, even though he remained on medication much of the time due to complication. His body finally revolted under the strain and landed him in the hospital Friday night.

Though he remains in the hospital, Kevin wanted to come on MMAWeekly Radio to talk about his current condition and let his fans know that he is making progress with hopes of being out of the hospital soon.

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