Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rashad Evans - The Big Finish

During the build-up to their rematch at May 1996's UFC 9, Ken Shamrock was asked what was the most dangerous aspect of rival Dan Severn’s game – his strikes or submissions. Seizing the opportunity to dis his hated opponent's Octagon reputation, Shamrock laughed: “Dan Severn couldn't finish a decent sized hamburger, much less a fight!”

Severn's UFC Hall of Fame record includes six submissions (and one stoppage from strikes) in nine wins but, at the time, 'the Beast' was coming off two points wins over Oleg Taktarov and Tank Abbott. And thus, Shamrock's quip did the intended damage to
Severn's reputation.

The UFC is now virtually unrecognizable from that chaotic card in Detroit over a decade ago, but to this day, only the reputation for mixed martial arts cowardice is more damaging to an MMA fighter’s rep than the stigma of being a fighter who struggles to submit or stop opponents.

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