Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rashad Evans Obliterates Sean Salmon!

Tonight on UFC Fight Night, Rashad Evans scored one of the most electrifying knockouts in the history of the UFC.

A minute into round two Rashad landed a huge right roundhouse kick to the face of Sean Salmon. Salmon was out cold and his entire body went limp including the muscles in his neck. As he crashed backward to the canvas, his head snapped back and bounced violently off the canvas. This second concussion had a different effect on his body; it caused it to stiffen up as evident by the way his toes curled up. While lying in concussive agony, the speedy Rashad rushed over and landed two hard punches on his sleeping opponent. But make no mistake, these were not cheap shots. The sequence I just described happened in less than three seconds.

After the fight Rashad showed concern for Salmon. He said he was satisfied with the KO but not satisfied that (Sean) was still lying over there.


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