Sunday, January 28, 2007

Seth Kleinbeck talks EliteXC fight against Fukuda

EliteXC’s first show is coming up February 10th with five fights airing on Showtime starting at 10 PM and five more undercard fights being streamed on starting at 8 PM. One of the undercard fights to be streamed and not televised on Showtime is Seth Kleinbeck taking on Riki Fukuda. Seth fights out of Matt Hamilton’s We$t$ide Fight Team in Arkansas while Fukuda fights out of ‘Kid’ Yamamoto’s Killer Bee Gym in Tokyo. Both fighters have for the most part equal pro records so this fight is the local hero vs. the international ‘star’. Don’t let that make you think this is an easy fight for Fukuda. One look at the shows Seth came up in should indicate Kleinbeck is respected in the Southern circles and fighting in the right shows. Now he gets his shot at the big time.

KM: How did you get involved with Elite XC? SK: A guy David Ferguson from Memphis heard about it and told (trainer) Matt (Hamilton). Somehow my name got mentioned. They called Matt and asked if I wanted to fight and Matt brought it to me. I don’t really know much of the details. I thought those guys were from Mississippi.

KM: Now that they are turning into such a solid card how do you feel about fighting for them? SK: The card I see is a world-class card. I know it is a new organization and they bought Rumble on the Rock. I’m just glad to be a part of it. Hopefully it grows and gets bigger than it is now. I’m glad I got in on the front end of it and get to grow along with it.

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