Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tito Ortiz & Jenna At Birthday Bash

Jenna Jameson truly is a heartbreaker.

And, even though she has retired from porn, she can still shake it like a two-cent hooker.

I guess a leopard really can’t ever change its spots.

This past Tuesday, the porn queen announced the “surprise” birthday celebration for her latest partner (I lost track after “Wicked One” back in 1995), UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz.

It was an open invitation to attend the party, which was held at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas.

Sidenote: Jenna starred in a “movie” by the same name, “Pure,” in 1996. Scary coincidence or just more proof that she’s spread her legs too many times?

I doubt too many people got past the velvet rope. But, you didn’t want to go anyway, right?

It doesn’t matter, because we’ve got the video of her super romantic lap dance for Tito. I think this is what Marylin Monroe would look like if she smoked glass and Newports for 15 years and glugged Chivas cannonballs.

Yeah, gross.

Check it out here.


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