Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Travis Lutter could go from Ultimate Fighter TV star to champ

Facing the eye of the storm, Travis Lutter couldn't possibly sound calmer. As he awaits his UFC middleweight championship match against Anderson Silva, with little more to do than cut weight, Lutter speaks like a man in complete control, talking confidently about his training, his plan and the opportunity before him.

Just a year ago, Lutter was fighting in the UK-based Cage Rage organization, and now he is possibly 25 minutes away from wearing gold in the U.S.'s top mixed-martial arts organization.

Of course to get there, he will have to go through Silva, a precision power striker who has wowed UFC fans with two straight highlight-reel knockout wins, including one over then-middleweight champ Rich Franklin. Still, Lutter is confident that his advantage on the ground gives him a decided edge -- as long as he can get the fight there.

A fight like this is what makes the UFC great, featuring a contrast of styles between knockout power and submission fighting between a respected champion and a challenger with an unexpected shot at glory.

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