Monday, January 29, 2007

Travis Lutter gets his UFC moment in the spotlight Saturday against Silva

(CP) - Mixed martial arts fighter Travis Lutter paid his dues en route to Saturday's title bout against UFC middleweight champion Anderson (The Spider) Silva.

There have been 12 professional fights and endless hours of training. Not to mention six long, miserable weeks living with 15 other men in the gilded cage of a Las Vegas mansion for Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter reality TV show.

"I hated it," Lutter said from Fort Worth, Texas. "I think it's the worst thing that I've ever done in my life, being in that house for six weeks.

"No TV, no Internet, no magazines, no books. When they take away all those sources of input, the boredom level is just incredible. And after the first week, you had all the same conversations. Nobody has anything new to talk about, because they don't have any input. And you've talked about basically everything that you're going to get out of them. And then what? You just start to lose your damn mind."

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