Saturday, January 27, 2007

Xande Ribeiro Upset By Braulio Estima!

Lisbon, Portugal, 4:45 pm. With an extremely offensive guard, the man from Pernambuco, Bráulio Estima, has just beaten Xande Ribeiro and takes the openweight title at the fourth European Jiu-Jitsu championship, which is taking place at the Casal Vistoso Pavillion this weekend.

The decision started with the two athletes circling and feinting for the first grip. Bráulio got a grip first and immediately pulled guard, from where, with an outside hook, sought to throw Xande off balance. And he already had an advantage when he executed a precision move. Xande, upon hitting the ground, twisted his knee, and the fight was interrupted for a few minutes, for medical attention. But Bráulio was ahead 2 to 0 on the score card.

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