Thursday, February 22, 2007

Abu Dhabi BJJ gives amazing prize

Photo By Marcelo Alonso

Organized by the BTT black belt Carlão Santos, the Abu Dhabi International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Cup 2007, that will be held on My 11st and 12nd, at the Abu Dhabi-ADCC Combat Club, on the Arabian Emirates, increased the prize value for the next event and will distribute 20 thousand dollars as prize. The event, that is the most disputed by white belts, blue belts and purple belts, will be disputed under 10 categories of weight (-63kg, -69kg, -75kg, -81kg, -87kg, -93kg, -99kg, +99kg and absolute), and the first placed of each category will win U$1.400 and the second placed will receive U$600.

- This is the fifth event that I am promoting and this is each day much better. Who knows if we will have also Brazilian athletes? I know this is expensive to came here, but who has a sponsor will be able to come, because here is a great market for future business and big companies – said Carlão Santos. Who needs more details of the event, send an email to or check out the website or the web blog


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