Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chute Boxe - Rio De Janeiro

The Brazilian fightwear No Gi, who did recently a partnership with the American fightwear company Everlast and was the sponsor of big events like the ADCC Brazil and Shooto Brazil, announced this week the new partnership with the team from Curitiba Chute Boxe. The Brazilian fightwear will mount a new filial of the team of great fighters as Wanderlei Silva and MaurĂ­cio Shogun in Rio de Janeiro . “The Chute Boxe team is coming to Rio de Janeiro and it will be part of our training center. So the Training Center of No Gi will be the Chute Boxe home in Rio de Janeiro”, told Walmir Barroso exclusively to site TATAME.

Source: www.tatame.com

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