Sunday, February 4, 2007

Doctors rush to Maurer's aid in Round 1

By Vicki Hall

EDMONTON - While Edmonton Eskimos defensive end Adam Braidwood won his bout by knockout in the first round, fullback Mike Maurer wasn't so lucky.

Maurer hit the canvas with a thud Saturday night just 36 seconds into a Maximum Fighting Challenge bout against Roger Hollett of Halifax at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Maurer took a kick and then a punch to the head and crashed to the ground. Hollett jumped on top and got in a few more punches before the referee called the fight.

Doctors immediately surrounded Maurer, who appeared dazed and not quite sure of his surroundings. They helped him to his feet and he wobbled out of the ring for medical treatment.

Hollett said he had seen tape of Maurer and knew he tended to keep his hands too low in front of him. He said Maurer was dropping his gloves again, so he said, "I connected a bit."

The fans knew it too.

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