Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don't Call Him Alex

Alexis Aquino is as fierce as a pit bull and as focused as a samurai

Johnny Cash once wrote a song about a boy named Sue who grew up quick and mean, but in Deptford, New Jersey, it's a man named Alexis that's tearing through the ranks of Atlantic City's Cage Fury Fighting Championships.

Alexis Aquino is undefeated as a mixed martial arts fighter, and when the door shuts behind him in the cage, it's best to be somewhere else.

"A lot of guys go out there and they don't make it personal. They look at it like it's a competition, but it's not a competition, to me it's a fight," Aquino said. "I think my fights should be illegal because I really want to hurt the other guy. I mean I'm really trying my best to hurt him."

Aquino was named after his father's favorite boxer, Alexis Arguello, and carries his family's love for boxing with him in the cage. His fighting philosophy runs parallel to that of current UFC Champion Chuck Liddell -- avoid takedowns, be a better boxer than everyone else and you'll win 90 percent of the time.

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