Thursday, February 8, 2007

Don't Fight Mad

By Ollie

Brandon Vera stands facing David Loiseau in the center of an Olympic-sized boxing ring. David is turned to the side, holding a blue pad, six inches thick, against his torso. Brandon deals David several swift kicks to the midsection. Brandon's shin snaps against the blocking pad with a loud pop. Even though David is braced for the impact, he's shoved backward with each blow. Brandon's hands stay up, in fists, next to his head. Pop.

He snaps another one so quick it looks as though it takes no time, no coordination, no balance, no effort. Pop. Another kick. Pop. Brandon "the Truth" Vera is a heavyweight fighter, representing City Boxing and San Diego in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He's training for an upcoming fight against former heavyweight champion Frank Mir.

When an alarm on the wall signals the end of a three-minute round, Brandon keeps dealing out kicks. His training partner, David Loiseau, says, "These are good. You want to stop? Pop. Brandon lets loose another right leg to the pad strapped to David's forearms and held against David's ribs. "Repetition," Brandon huffs, sweat rolling down his forehead. Another kick. Another three-minute round, and the alarm on the wall sounds.

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Source: The Underground

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