Saturday, February 3, 2007

Eddie Sanchez: Natural Born Fighter

By Greg Savage

“If you want to be the best,” UFC heavyweight Eddie Sanchez claims, ”You’ve got to fight the best.”

Lucky for him Joe Silva came calling with an invitation to fight one of, if not the most menacing striker the world of mixed martial arts has ever seen. In drawing the unenviable task of dueling with the juggernaut that is Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Sanchez will get his wish to prove he belongs among the world’s better heavyweights.

The build up to the talented Croatian’s North American debut has seen many, if not all observers quick to dispatch Sanchez as little more than a welcoming mat that “Cro Cop” will use to wipe his feet with on his way in the UFC front door.

While the media and fans have been quick to write off the undefeated underdog, Sanchez has been preparing for an opportunity of a lifetime. Not one to despair in the face of long odds, the 24 year-old native of Vista, CA only has to recall another instance in his not-so-distant past to fortify his confidence.

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