Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Five Ounces of Pain: Interview with Bas Rutten

By Sam Caplan

Bas Rutten has done it all when it comes to mixed martial arts. His resume is as impressive as anyone's in the sport, having been a fighter, announcer, trainer and coach.

As a competitor, he's a former King of Pancrase and a former UFC heavyweight champion, and his broadcasting highlights include serving as a color analyst for many of PRIDE's biggest matches. His current focus these days is as the co-owner of Legends Gym in Los Angeles with Randy Couture, and as a coach of the Los Angeles Anacondas in the IFL.

Rutten returned to competitive MMA following an eight-year absence this past July during a World Fighting Alliance pay-per-view. He was victorious against Ruben "Warpath" Villareal in his return, earning a first-round knockout via the same powerful leg kicks that helped him record many of his 28-career wins. Unfortunately, it might have been the last time we get to see the legendary warrior compete inside of a cage or ring.

Q: When you stepped away from competitive mixed martial arts in 1999, did you think it was possible for the sport to have gotten as big as it has?
BR: Oh yes. I knew right away at the time. I already said to everyone that this is going to be way better than boxing [and] that this was going to take over everything. And it's doing it.

Q: Your last fight was with the WFA against Ruben Villareal last July. The UFC purchased select assets from the WFA this past December. Was your contract one of the ones picked up by the UFC?
BR: Yes, but you know what, my knee is so banged up from the last time, the last fight, I tore my ACL and meniscus, again, and I kept shutting it down with cortisones. Which is of course not such a smart thing to do for after the fight, and now it hurts.

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