Sunday, February 18, 2007

Frank Trigg to Fight and Announce at Feb. 24 Pride PPV in Las Vegas

Frank Trigg, the Pride Fighting Championships color commentator on pay-per-view and Fox Sports television broadcasts, will be pulling double duty next Friday night February 24, 2007 at Pride 33: The Second Coming, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 'Twinkle Toes' will be making his return to the Pride ring after eight years and he has not chosen an easy comeback fight. Fresh off his 2nd round TKO of Jason “Mayhem” Miller to win the Icon Sport middleweight belt, Trigg will now take on Pride Middleweight Grand Prix champion Kazuo Misaki. It looks like Trigg's master plan is now taking shape: retire, get fat, move up a weight class and start knocking off MMA titleholders!

'I will get the job done inside the PrideFC ring then go back to the broadcast booth and tell you all about it,' says the perennial top-ranked welterweight. The brash Las Vegas resident believes that fighting in his back yard will be a major advantage for him, “Misaki is very tough, hell, he just won the Gran Prix, but it will to be hard to beat me in Vegas. It's my home now. I've been training at J-Sect with John Lewis in the morning and then with all the guys at Extreme Couture MMA at night. I ain't going home no punk, I'm gonna knock his dick in the dirt.'

Rumor has it that Trigg has been given his purple belt from Novia Uniao black belt John Lewis. 'Jiu-jitsu helps me to relax and adds a new dimension to my game but my prediction for this fight is the same as always: it will end early and violently. Don’t blink your eyes because it may be over and you’ll have to watch it on replay.'

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