Thursday, February 15, 2007

Future Of PRIDE, Ed Fishman & Random Fighters Speak Out

For the fans and fighters, who is better off buying Pride FC? I have been split on my assessments of how it would play out ever since it was known. There is one person who firmly believes the right buyer is not the UFC, and he is none other than Ed Fishman. Mr. Fishman is, of course, the man on one side of the fence trying to purchase Pride. He currently is the President of Pride USA and is looking to turn it into full ownership. He’s been in the gaming industry for some time and owns numerous casinos. He admits he began acquainting himself with Pride about four years ago. He compared the company with others and came to the conclusion that the best fighters in the world were there.

I caught up with Mr. Fishman and spoke briefly with him about his thoughts on purchasing Pride and possibly going head to head with the UFC in that manner, he did not hold back his true feelings. The first thing we discussed was the possibility of the sport becoming a monopoly if the UFC were to be successful in the purchase. Mr. Fishman said that it could possibly lead to the main attraction fighters not receiving the paychecks they should be, because of the fact they only have one option of where they fight on a bigger stage. He feels the UFC would not give the fighters what they deserve because they will know there is no real competition to worry about.

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