Friday, February 2, 2007

Gladiator Challenge - Holiday Beatings

By Todd Hester

Bo Cantrell took care of business and Jeremiah Metcalf surprised for James Fanshier as promoter Tedd Williams sold out the War Memorial Arena in Sacramento, California!

Sacramento, Ca Bo Cantrell knows beatings…and he showed his knowledge to Cal Worsham in just 17 seconds. Cantrell came across the ring to respectfully shake to legendary cagefighter’s hand before the match then charged forward like a runaway freight train at the bell to overwhelm Worsham and retain his Gladiator Challenge heavyweight title.

As short as Cantrell’s fight was, it more than made up for by James Fanshier and Jeremiah Metcalf, who battled to a three round decision with Metcalf getting the surprise nod. Before the match, Fanshier seemed to not take Metcalf lightly as he let everyone know that he expected a tough fight. No one expected Metcalf to fight this well, however, as he dictated the pace of the fight and kept Fanshier on his heels in winning the Gladiator Challenge 170 lb. belt.

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