Sunday, February 11, 2007

Here you go Renzo....You earned it.


Anonymous said...

I dont know about that. Those knees were right were right on the back of the neck and lower head.

I suppose your implying that Henzo was acting. I disagree. It was a clear violation of long standing rules. No need to make excuses for Frank.

Im all for knees on the ground. But obviously both fighters need to be aware of what is and what isn't allowed. Frank knew those wre illegal... give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Frank Shamrock is garbage. He knows the fucking rules and I for one like knees on the ground..just to the face or top of the head not to the back of the neck. He is a scumbag and he knows what he did. Fuck that shit bro your fucking DEAD wrong.

The Fire Zouave said...

He may have exagarated a bit, but I do not blame him. His bell was rung and he should not have to continue if he was not 100%.

EvilMaster said...

These comments made me watch the fight a couple more times.

Now that I have...I stand by my original remark, Renzo deserves an Academy award for that performance...It is just obvious.

If you turn the volume way up, and listen closely, you can hear Frank taunting Renzo, saying he is going to knock him out and stuff...

Renzo acted his way to a win.


But thanks for the responces :)


EvilMaster said...

Frank Shamrock vs Renzo Gracie (88MB):

Use winamp to view..:)

Anonymous said...

Renzo acted his way to a win?

Are you saying that what Frank did was NOT against the rules? it clearly was illegal strikes, those strikes ended the fight and that means a DQ. frank lost, he was going to lose anyway, he just sped up the end of the fight by cheating not once but twice.

EvilMaster said...

Oh for sure...the knee was against the rules, and they rightfully took a point because of it.

But if Renzo was truly a warrior, he would have continued the fight, and not taken the easy way out with the win. Pretty pathetic actually.

And to be honest...I made money by Renzo winning, and I wanted to see Frank lose...I just didn't want to see Renzo throw away his dignity to do it. He used to be such a ferocious competitor. I guess those days are gone now.