Monday, February 26, 2007

Imperia Entertainment Signs MMA Fighter Nathan 'Rock' Quarry for Mixed Martial Arts Movie 'Never Submit'

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Imperia Entertainment, Inc. (Pink Sheets: IPEI) President James Hergott announced today that MMA fighter Nathan Quarry has been cast in a fighter role in the Mixed Martial Arts feature film, "Never Submit." Hergott comments, "Over the past few months we have been auditioning fighters all over the country for 'Never Submit.' We have now auditioned over 300 fighters and actors and only a very small percentage have enough natural acting ability to be able to be in the movie. Nathan came in and auditioned and was prepared and did a fantastic read. He did a great job," said Hergott.

Nathan "Rock" Quarry is best known for his appearance in "The Ultimate Fighter," a reality show from the Ultimate Fighting Championship ("UFC"). Quarry won his first three fights with the UFC and was granted a shot at the middleweight title in November 2005.

"Never Submit" is a movie set in the world of MMA. The performances will be a mix of nationally recognized actors and fighters. Auditions are being held across the country looking for actors and fighters for the movie.

"Never Submit" is an inspirational tale similar to "Rocky," but the lead character is an intelligent young man (as are most fighters competing in this sport) rather than a beaten-down punch-drunk fighter. An amazing cast of characters will round out this film; each from different walks of life; each with his own set of circumstances and motivating factors driving him to be the best. "Never Submit" is a metaphor describing the way these athletes live their lives.

Imperia Entertainment recently announced a partnership with TapouT Magazine ( ) as part of a cross-country tour to promote the publication as well as the movie. Stops at select dojos to hold auditions for "Never Submit" are being finalized. TapouT Magazine readers can expect to see the mixed martial arts movie prominently featured in the bi-monthly publication throughout the casting, filming and theatrical release stages, as well as enjoy behind the scenes details from "Never Submit" director James Hergott, one of TapouT Magazine's newest

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