Sunday, February 18, 2007

Interview: Jon Fitch What’s up Jon, let’s start out with the nose that was broken against Hironaka at UFC 64. Is it all healed and are you cleared to fight at UFC 68?
Jon Fitch: The nose is good. I’ll visit with an ENT guy this upcoming Tuesday (February 20) for clearance to get licensed for my next fight. So you will get cleared?
Jon Fitch: Yeah, I’ve been overly protective with it in training. It’s good. I didn’t want any problems getting cleared so there won’t be any problems. There wasn’t surgery correct, it wasn’t like a Rich Franklin break?
Jon Fitch: Nah, it was just a fracture. It didn’t block anything or wasn’t bad enough that it needed to be reset. In fact, he [Hironaka] kind of helped me out. I had only about 75 percent of full breathing out of my left nostril since the last time I broke my nose. After he broke it, the nose popped over so it’s back up to about 90 percent or something.

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