Sunday, February 18, 2007

Interview: Pete "Drago" Sell April 7th you are facing Thales Leites at UFC 69; what do you know about him and what have you done to prepare for him?
Pete Sell: I know that he is a great ground fighter but so am I. I have been concentrating on my takedown defense, improving my standup and always keeping my jiu-jitsu skills sharp.

Nokaut: Who have you been training with?
PS: I have some real good stand up guys I've been working with. I have also been sparring with James Gabert, Luke Cummo and Matt Serra. I have been working with John Massa, a division one, three time all-American wrestler. He and his college wrestlers that he coaches help me with the takedowns and takedown defense. At the Serra schools I roll with some of the best jiu-jitsu guys around so I’m confident on the ground.

Nokaut: Your last fight was against fellow TUF 4 cast member Scott Smith. You lost the fight on paper, but after the performance it seemed like you still won in the end. What impact on you has that fight had?
PS: The fight as any other fight is a growing experience. I have actually got a lot of new fans and nice compliments from that fight so it’s almost like I don't feel like I lost.

Nokaut: As a fighter on The Ultimate Fighter 4 you were given the opportunity to fight for a guaranteed title shot. Having been in the house and fighting for your chance, what are your thoughts on Travis Lutter’s failure to make weight, and in the process losing his title shot against Anderson Silva?
PS: I'm sure he has probably heard this a million times but it is just inexcusable. There are so many other fighters that would have loved to switch positions with him and do it the right way.

Nokaut: Overall how has the show impacted your career and your life?
PS: It has been real crazy ever since. I get noticed almost everywhere I go. I think it is going to open a lot of doors for me. I got a chance to train with a bunch of UFC fighters for six weeks, which elevated my game and now I’m just getting better. I have also been taking acting classes. I want to still fight and work my way up to the title but also burst into the acting world.

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