Monday, February 5, 2007

Interview: Smooth Assassin

Before becoming the first UFC middleweight champion, Frank Shamrock (born Frank Alisio Juarez III) went through many homes until he met the man who would change his life forever. Bob Shamrock, who, besides Frank and Ken, took hundreds of homeless boys under his wing, suggested fighting to him as an alternative to being idle. Inspired by his brother Ken, who was performing his first bouts in the UFC, Frank began going to the Lion’s Den academy – where he met Maurice Smith, his future mentor – and, in a short time, had become the champion.

Undefeated, Frank relinquished his title after beating the also legendary Tito Ortiz, and went on to pursue other projects. Today, a multitasking entrepreneur and actor, Shamrock has become an IFL coach and intends to open his own entertainment company. He also wants to knock out Renzo Gracie, though very respectfully. But don’t be fooled by this gentleman who likes to separate emotion from work: when he gets into fight mode, the cruelest of murderers become his inspiration.

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