Monday, February 19, 2007

Interview With Kenny "Kenflo" Florian

By MickeyD

Do you feel more comfortable fighting at 155lbs? Do you feel that there is a big future for you at 155lbs in the UFC now that it’s back?
Of course, this is my weight. I feel that this is the perfect weight for me to make my mark in the UFC. My plan is to beat the best and fight for the lightweight world title again, and win.

What was your most disappointing loss, Sherk or Sanchez?
The Sanchez fight, because I didn’t even show up to fight. I just froze out there. It would have been nice to at least fight and lose rather than just freezing under the pressure. Everything happens for a reason and teaches us a lesson.

What was your sweetest victory?
Probably the Stout fight. I went out there and did exactly what I said and thought I was going to do.

As a BJJ blackbelt and instructor what is you favourite submission?
My favourite submission is the one that gets the tap. Really, it is the rear naked choke. There is no move in all of the martial arts that is more efficient, effective and beautiful.

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