Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Interview With The King Of Rock & Rumble.

While the popularity of MMA is currently spreading like wildfire all over the world, Elvis Sinosic started fighting long before people all over the world knew how to correctly apply a rear naked choke. Even though he has lost more fights than he has won, Sinosic’s ability to keep his fights exciting and finish his opponent from just about any position has made him one of the sport’s most popular athletes.

Scott and I had the opportunity to talk with Elvis about his career, his future, and the development of mixed martial arts as a sport itself.

MMA on Tap: Let’s start off with the easy question - How did you get your fantastic nickname?
Sinosic: Having a name like Elvis it’s not hard to guess. Basically around the time of my first pro fight, I think one of the commentators coined the term “The King of Rock n Rumble”. It’s pretty much stuck ever since.

MMA on Tap: Mixed Martial Arts is obviously becoming extremely popular worldwide. You started out in your native country of Australia. How much has the sport grown since you were first exposed to it up until now?
Sinosic: The sport has been growing slowly. There have been ups and downs. The ball has started rolling again and hopefully it will continue to grow. With the UFC back on cable here down under hopefully the exposure will continue to push our local MMA organizations forward.

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