Friday, February 9, 2007

Josh Haynes vs Luke Cummo at UFC 69

If you haven't already heard my next fight is scheduled for UFC 69 on April 7th in Houston, TX at the Toyota Center. The bout will be in the welter weight division (170 lbs) against The Ultimate Fighter season 2 veteran, Luke Cummo.

My cut to 170 lbs is coming along perfectly. Currently I'm walking around at 190 lbs. I should easily be able to fly into Houston, TX in April with only a few pounds of water weight to sweat off. I have a great team surrounding me and I know with their guidance I should have no problems making weight.

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has shown me their support and let you know I really appreciate it. Having once weighed 330 lbs it's very exciting for me personally to be weighing in for a fight at 170 lbs – and on a UFC ppv card. I am looking forward to putting on a great fight for everyone!

Take it easy,


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