Sunday, February 4, 2007

K-1 World Max '07 Japan Tournament Press Conference

Since its inception in 2002, K-1 World Max has become a fan favorite in Japan and around the world, not least of which because the 70 kg/154lb weight class consistently delivers spirited, fast paced bouts. Last June, Thailand's Buakaw Por Pramuk defeated Andy Souwer to claim the World Max Championship for the second time.

Both Defending Champion Buakaw and inaugural World Max Champion Albert Kraus of Holland will appear in Superfights at this season's first World Max event, the Japan 2007 Tournament, set for February 5 at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo's seaside district of Odaiba.

Participating fighters met the media today at the TBS television network's headquarters in downtown Tokyo. The mood was relaxed, the combatants trading the occasional jibe but otherwise restrained with their comments -- one after the other simply pledging to "do their best."

The eight-man tournament will follow K-1's classic format -- first-tier fights advancing a quartet of winners to the semis, the victors there clashing in the final.

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