Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Looking for a Little Respect

By Ben Fowlkes

Eduardo Pamplona may very well be the best up-and-coming fighter Brazil has to offer. He’s aggressive. He’s well-rounded. He’s a Muay Thai fighter by nature, and his blend of striking and submissions ability makes him a very dangerous man in the 185 pound division.

So why is it that most American fans have no idea who he is?

The answer seems fairly simple. Pamplona has never fought in America. His experience has thus far been limited to Brazil, and one appearance in Japan’s Shooto organization, where he fought his first pro bout and lost a decision to Pride and Pancrase veteran Sanae Kikuta.

Since that loss, however, Pamplona has won five straight, including a recent victory over tough Brazilian fighter Jose Landi-Jons. But as anyone will tell you, running the table in the Brazilian circuit isn’t going to make you a household name in America, where the money is.

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