Sunday, February 11, 2007

Main Event Controversy, Card a Success

Gary Shaw's promoting debut in MMA was entertaining to say the least. While the main event of Frank Shamrock vs. Renzo Gracie was full of controversy and ended in a DQ, the other four fights showcased on the Showtime card were phenomenal and full of action. While the announcing might have been sub-par, the action and all around skill displayed more than made up for it.

Overall for this being the first card ever I would say this was a successful debut for Gary Shaw’s business venture with Showtime and Elite XC. Every match up was a good watch and the diversity in styles is what makes this sport so great. The world got introduced to possibly a future heavyweight champion and also learned to realize that women too have a place in Mixed Martial Arts.

So no matter what ratings this Showtime card actually gets, Gary Shaw and company can hold their heads high knowing that they put on a very entertaining show and packed a full house for the promotions debut.

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