Sunday, February 18, 2007

Marcelo Garcia at full force

By Luca Atalla

Two-time ADCC champion shows what is in store for his adversaries

Into the rubbish bin of history goes the story of Marcelo Garcia being out of shape. That is the conclusion the current ADCC under 76kg two-time champion delivered to critics this Saturday, when he disputed a special four man tournament, in the Wayne, New Jersey edition of Grapplers Quest.

Moving as nimbly a cat, the Alliance instructor now living in New York quickly disposed of Marcos Avellan with - guess what - a choke from the back, and in the final defeated Gregor Gracie, after opening a 22-point lead and, a few seconds from the end, obliging his opponent to give up, as he fell victim to a choke from the north-south position.

Still eight kilos over the weight he will need to reach to defend his title at ADCC, in May, and focusing (for six months, since last Thursday) on the classes he teaches at the gym in New York, Marcelinho barely beat Rominho Barral, at the Lutacasada event, on the 27th of January.

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