Thursday, February 15, 2007

James Thompson: “I have to get this off my chest”

"The decision in my fight against Butterbean was a joke.

The way I understand it, if your working on improving your position and not taking unnecessary punishment, your good. Add to that I when down due to a slip and not a punch, you have a joke of a decision.

How anyone who has seen it says otherwise is beyond me. The best is the people who haven't seen it giving their say, just f**ks me off. I felt the best I have ever felt for this fight and the fact I was deny the chance to work or build momentum after my Yoshida win is f**ked.

I think Grant (Waterman – Cage Rage’s Chief Referee) stopped the fight so early due to Cage Rage being more in the public eye, and cause he got so much shit for a late stoppage against Broughton (none from me ).

Refs do have a hard job and mistakes are made, there is no use crying over it and I hold nothing against Grant. I just wont the video to come out so at least every one can see it for what it was.

Cheers James

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