Friday, February 16, 2007

Minotouro's strategy is ready

‘The guy is a judoka, let’s use the Nakamura experience’

On Thursday night at X-Gym, the mood is of total tranquility. The proprietor and physical trainer Rogerão Camões explains that Antonio Rogério Nogueira is late because he had a tough physical training session earlier, and he is in great shape. Around the ring at Black House, beasts like Rodrigo Minotauro, Rafael Feijão, Gavião and Edson Drago warm up to begin training, under the watchful eyes of the muay thai instructors Luis Alves and Sergio Cunha.

Our carnaval will be with samba, except that instead of dancing we’ll move our hands, to the rhythm of the pumelling going on in the Las Vegas,” joked Cunha. Minotauro added: “We are going over early to get used to the cold, we’ll leave on Saturday. The days of enjoying carnaval spending are over. Now carnaval is work to use.” Despite the calm in the days leading up to Pride 33, they have total respect for Minotouro's next opponent, Rameau Thierry Sokodjou, who is coming off a knockout defeat in 1 min 41 secs in the WEC.

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