Saturday, February 10, 2007

MMA staking place on scene

By Ron Higgins

We have become a society of the right now.

Get rich quick? We buy lottery tickets. Need to be entertained? We can go through 300 TV channels with a remote control in about two minutes. No time to eat? There's a drive-through every 100 feet or so. Cook at home? Microwave it.

We like our news in sound bites, graphics and in the blink of a computer click. We prefer self-check out. Even talking on cell phones is so yesterday. Don't you know how to text message somebody?

Our sports are becoming the same. Speed up games. Want more action. Got to have a clear-cut winner. Don't need judges or media or any middlemen to get in the way of finding out who's the best.

All of which is why it should be no surprise that one of the fastest growing sports in America is extreme fighting, a competition that mixes various martial arts to provide a quick, no-doubt victor.

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