Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Compiled by Ron Kantowski, Jeff Haney, Brian Hilderbrand and Rob Miech - Las Vegas Sun

Over the years, the Sun has ranked the area's sports movers and shakers. As always, this year's poll reflects the unique sports landscape in the valley.

9. Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta

OCCUPATION: Owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship; casino executives

CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE: The brothers run neighborhood-casino giant Station Casinos, founded by their father, Frank Fertitta Jr. Longtime financial supporters of primary and higher education in Southern Nevada, they bought and revamped the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2001, taking a once-moribund fighting organization and developing it into the powerhouse drawing card it is today.

DID YOU KNOW? The Fertittas were the executive producers of the 2006 comedy film "Bachelor Party Vegas," in which UFC champ Chuck Liddell has a role as a thug-type character called "The Iceman."

QUOTE: "The Fertittas aren't known for their bad bets." - UFC President Dana White, on the brothers' prescience in purchasing the UFC

Others Receiving votes...
Dana White, UFC president
Marc Ratner, UFC vice president
Keith Kizer, Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director
Oscar De La Hoya, boxer/promoter

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