Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New Era Fighting to promote "World's Toughest Man" contest

SANTA ANA, California (February 6, 2007) - New Era Fighting (NEF), the evolving mixed martial arts organization combining the raw brutality of UFC with the entertainment value of WWE, will promote the "World's Toughest Man" contest, NEF president Ron Kort announced today.

NEF will hold a series of international level tryouts, tentatively scheduled to begin June 15-17,at a venue in Orange Country, California. Each tryout in the proposed series will be conducted during a three-day tournament.

Combat fighters selected will advance to the next round, where they will fight each other in a tournament format to determine 10 survivors.

The 10 tryout survivors as well as fighters already signed to NEF promotional contracts will compete on a show in either California or Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned "World's Toughest Man" and be offered an anticipated $1,000,000 winner-take-all purse to fight living legend Kimo Leopoldo, headlining a full card for a pay-per-view broadcast live from in Las Vegas at a date to be determined.

"More details are still being worked out," Kort explained. "We want to prove to the MMA world that NEF has the best street-fighting heavyweights. The challenge is open to anybody who weighs a minimum of 205 pounds, if they have what it takes to be an NEF warrior. We will be organizing a set of rules to keep the action going for these tryouts. The goal is to test the fighters' abilities in a safe environment and keep the audience entertained every minute of the event."

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