Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pequeno gives Shooto belt at TATAME

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

The TATAME magazine promoted yesterday (Friday) a meeting between the Shootoking Alexandre Pequeno and the Nova União leader André Pederneiras. Pequeno did met Dedé Pederneiras, who is the Shooto president in , to give him back his Shooto belt. Pequeno came to TATAME office to give his belt back and said that is pretty sad to do that. “It breaks my heart to give my belt back to Shooto, but I am training hard to get the Hero’s belt”, said Pequeno.

This decision must be done because of the Shooto rules. The organization says that when the champion loses, he should give the belt back for the event. Dedé Pederneiras said that unffortunally he had to follow the rules and that Pequeno ‘s action was the best decision for everyone. “Pequeno took like one year and a helf to ive this belt back, and the Japanese Shooto said that they wouldn’t call Brazilians athletes anymore if he takes more time”, explained André Pederneiras.


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