Thursday, February 22, 2007

PrideFC Fighter: Jason Ireland Interview

By Tommy Messano

Jason Ireland squares off with Joachim Hansen in the opening match of Pride 33: The Second Coming. Ireland a professional fighter since 2000 realizes Hansen will be his toughest test to date. Never one to back down from a challenge this King of the Cage vet, is looking to hand Hansen his second loss in as many fights.

With back to back wins, Ireland steps into the Pride ring with momentum on his side. Standing in the way of his third consecutive win is international competitor Joachim Hansen. With wins over Takanori Gomi, Yves Edwards, and Caol Uno Hansen’s resume speaks for it self. One of many American fighters looking to pull off an upset at Pride 33, Ireland spoke with after a recent training session.

MaxFighting: Tell us about your last fight with Jimmy Boyd, how did that win play out?
Jason Ireland: He was a wrestler and just as expected he shot in for a shot right away. I stuffed his shot and tried a couple of throws. I got in a rear position, almost like a referee position in wrestling, and then he got up to his feet, turned into me. So, I hit with an elbow and that was it, knockout.

MaxFighting: Did you know prior to the fight that you were fighting in Pride?
Ireland: Before that fight I had some information that it may be a possibility. Nothing really came of it. It was a week after that fight, the following Friday I got the call.

MaxFighting: What were your initial thoughts knowing you were going to fighting in one of the top two MMA organizations in the world?
Ireland: It was amazing. Took me awhile to get down off the adrenaline rush of it. Then I had to make sure it wasn’t a prank call. I’ve been on the short list waiting to get the call for a big fight and this one finally came through.

MaxFighting: How has your training camp been going out there in Michigan?
Ireland: I train out of Rochester Hills. I run a school there. Then I bounce around a couple of other schools. There is a real good Jiu Jitsui school out here called the Warrior Way. I like to mix it up with some of the other professional fighters in the area and then I run my own school.

MaxFighting: You’re going to be fighting two fights in less than a month; will that quick turnaround have any affect on this fight?
Ireland: I think it’s a good thing. My last fight the opposition isn’t what I’m facing here, so it was almost like a mini camp to kick it into high gear for this one. Would I have liked six or eight weeks to know this fight was coming, yeah definitely. But, being I was training pretty hard for that fight and to be able to transition right into a real hard camp for this, will actually help me.

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