Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Historic, First Ever, State Sanctioned All Girls Caged Match

(Los Angeles, Calif., Feb. 5, 2007)---It’s not your daddy’s old school mud wrestling that’s a draw these days for men, 18-34, but all female caged fighting that ‘s generating crowds and TV ratings, especially at testosterone driven Spike TV.

The first-ever, state sanctioned all female MMA (mixed martial arts) “caged fighting” card, featuring fighters from the U.S., Japan and Mexico, will take place Sat., Feb. 17, at the Japan Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Titled “Fatal Femmes Fighting” (www.fatalfemmesfighting.com) and presented by J.I.M.M., LLC, the event features lightweight, flyweight and middleweight match ups for a total of eight fights. Some of the sport’s hottest talents, including the USA’s Lisa Ward and Japan’s Masako Yoshida, will be on hand, doing battle in the night’s most anticipated bout. A.J. Benza, current host of “High Stakes Poster,” will help announce the event and provide color commentary.

Promoter Eddy Millis calls the Feb. 17 event “an historic moment for a sport that’s just begging its ascension.”

“Unlike pro wrestling, these are real fighters going toe to toe for championship titles,” he adds.Sixteen of the sport’s best exponents will fill out the Saturday night card, including Latina Jessica Pené.

Featured on numerous national news shows, such as “60 Minutes,” caged fighting draws more cable pay per views buys these days than conventional boxing and its individual live events have grossed as much as $5 million each. Tickets, priced at $45, $75 and $95 are on sale at the Japanese American Theatre (213 680 3700), at www.fatalfemmesfighting.com or by calling 1-877-FFF-9381.

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